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Karen - Ovation Global Investment Services - 2010

Naomi specializes in Relationship coaching as well as different fields of our 'wellness', from health & weight to the holistic wellness - individual and partners etc.
I highly recommend her. She is a dynamic woman who just knows how to unfold an issue, talk about it and turn it into a positive. I have attended her "Woman's  Personal Development Workshop" and a  Relationship coaching session with my partner and she really puts things in a different light - one that you can understand as to why it happens and how you can change it into a positive by doing certain minor changes in your life. She is VERY professional.

Cindy Dowdle – 23/09/2009

I am now well into my personal self-development journey, with my wonderful coach, Naomi
In my very first session Naomi taught me the breathing exercises, which one uses when anxious or stressed … this is when I thought … This course is for me!! I felt so relaxed and rejuvenated, and still use it many times a day, even though I am now so in charge of my life!
I am absolutely amazed how through role-play we have been able to work through some issues in my life that had become evident in my “Reflection on discovering yourself” practical.  Naomi has a magical ability to make these exercises work!   I now subconsciously deal with similar issues in the same “in control” way!!
I am so proud of my newly discovered ability to put ME first, without compromising my responsibilities at home and work.   I am finding I now have direction in my life as well. 
I have learnt how to say ‘No’ and not feel guilty about it. With Naomi’s expert guidance, I am also removing all the “clutter” in my life … material and thoughts.
On two occasions Naomi has guided me through decisions that I had to make with regards work …. Her guidance was very structured and professional.  She guided me in a non-biased way, reminding me of my responsibilities toward my company as well as myself.   She prepared me for whatever could have come my way!  I am developing my self-confidence and assertiveness. And I am getting there!
I fire my confidence anchor regularly and am amazed how good I am getting at being more confident in all areas of my life!
I always look forward to Naomi’s email with the Coaching feedback from our previous session.   She has the ability to put the session in a nutshell, with unbelievable accuracy, despite her taking very few notes.  Most of all I enjoy the encouragement that comes with the feedback. 
Thanks to Naomi, I am feeling more empowered and look forward to many more sessions with her.  I believe everybody can benefit from having a Life coach, so much so that I have recently given my daughter the best gift I have ever given her … sessions with Naomi!

Bradford Bowers - Quality Systems Manager - Aspen Pharmacare
I have found Naomi’s sessions and exercises useful. During the session’s she had the ability to draw out my hidden emotions and feelings. To do this she would make one feel comfortable from the time you walked in and would also give real examples that one could relate to.  This formed a solid foundation for putting together a program for improvement. It also made one see things in a different light. All in all I found her approach to be professional, mature and still coming across friendly.
The exercises she provided were relevant, short and I still use them.

Testimonial for Motivational Talk facilitated by Naomi to Grade 12 learners - 2010 February 
Dear Ms. Kieswetter
“Adventure isn’t hanging on a rope off the side of a mountain. Adventure is an attitude that we must apply to the day-to-day obstacles of life. Facing new challenges, seizing new opportunities, testing our resources against the unknown and in the process, discovering our own unique potential.”       -- Anon, 2010
In some ways business leaders, like you, are like sunflowers. Sunflowers are bright and radiant i.e. a symbol of life. Its seeds feed the life forms around it and create new life as they fall into the fertile soil. Similarly, as a lean thinking leader, you are creating an environment in which, amongst others, the innovation, learning and growth perspective adds value to the internal business process perspective, which in turn causes the value proposition of enhanced service delivery to come to fruition, whilst endeavouring to enhance your competitive advantage.
Presently there are 245 Grade 12 learners attending 3 High Schools in Manenberg within Circuit 5 of the Education District Office - Central, and coming from the following areas:- Athlone, Guguletu, Hanover Park, Khayelitsha, Langa, Manenberg, Mitchell’s Plain, Nyanga and Phillipi. From this and from your interaction with these learners, it can be deduced that we are serving a wide, diverse and historically challenged communities.

With reference to your audience with the Grade 12 learners, and your process-orientated approach in deciding how you would assist these learners, I know that you have not only thought about the primary and secondary activities of the value chain of these learners, but you have also subconsciously entertained the cause and effect strategy map of these learners in which their net operating result would be enhanced.
Bearing the above in mind and on behalf of the 245 learners; the patrons attached to these learning organisations and my colleagues, I herewith wish to bestow our sincere gratitude on you for your magnanimous gesture towards the holistic development as well as the mind-set changing of the learners through your tangible value creating motivational intervention.
We know that you have been inundated with many such requests. However, we wish to laud you for favorably considering and then approving our request.
Please be assured that your goodwill towards these learners has indeed been greatly appreciated.
Yours in the promotion of an educationally sound society
Dr. J. G. Martin
Institutional Management and Governance Manager
Western Cape Education Department.