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December 31, 2019


This was yet again one of those holidays spent with my family, together with, my 5 siblings, their partners, my parents, children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, nieces and nephews, including my extended family!


On Christmas day the tables were beautifully decorated with glitzy crackers, silver and rose gold; twenty-two of us around the lunch table enjoyed a scrumptious meal prepared by a number of ‘family chefs’ with great enthusiasm and skill.

Gifts were exchanged, lots of laughter and Christmas carol singing around the piano filled the home and so much love was spread all around. The best gifts of all were the ones that money could not buy, the family connections and heartfelt love between us!

Those are the moments I feel most blessed and the power of the blessings of having my family around me and in my life is immeasurable.


2019 it is said, is the end of the ‘teen’ decade and I think having said that, 2020 is then the beginning of the ‘grown-up’ decade! Leaving behind the things we used to do in our teens, and starting to do the grown-up things should be something to really look forward to. I remember being a teen and all I wanted to be was a grown-up so that I could do grown up things!

I have learned that being a grown-up means many things that one didn’t even think about in your teen years; like having responsibilities.

So too will 2020 bring with it many things that we have not yet thought about.


If you could just reflect for a brief moment on your life as a ‘20teen’ and then imagine these things;

How will I be as a ‘20grown-up’

What can I let go of?

What have I not yet considered?

Is the story that I am telling really really true?

What new stories can I tell to give me more of what I want?

How can I take better care of myself?

How can I be kinder, more patient, more tolerant, more forgiving, more loving?

What can I do differently in my 20grown-up years?


For most of us New Year’s resolutions fade away by the end of January. Changing careers, changing partners, losing weight, quit smoking, are all wonderful resolutions, but if we are not committed to it, and make a conscious effort to make these changes, then these resolutions will only remain that.



To fail is not to lose because it is through these failures that valuable lessons are learned that can vitally assist in initiating positive actions to take you further than before.
Byron Pulsifer

Nothing that happened in 2019 was a failure, everything is feedback.

Every time that I’ve done something or said something that did not give me my desired outcome, I use it as feedback and use it as a compass to show me how to do it better next time around. I am overwhelmed at times because my human emotions sometimes want to get the better of me. But because I have learnt to develop a deep sense of self awareness, I can quickly change into modification mode.

Self Awareness is the beginning of change!


When I reflect back on 2019, my heart is filled with much gratitude and appreciation for all the challenges, the misunderstandings, the achievements, the sadness, the excitements, the joys and laughter, the tears and most of all the love that I’ve experienced throughout the year!


When we can count our many blessings and reflect on the little gestures of kindness and love, we realize how blessed and fortunate we are and that nothing is more important than giving love.

Let us learn to unlock the ‘Power of Blessings’ in our lives by giving of ourselves unconditionally.

Extend a hand of kindness to someone today and see a positive result in your own life too, help someone who is helpless and you will also be lifted up, put a smile on someone’s face and feel the joy in your own heart.

We have the ability to attract blessings and abundance into our lives. One sure way that this can be achieved, is by setting goals that goes beyond our own material needs and wants.

One of my goals for the future is to increase my self awareness and ‘raising the bar’ of having an attitude of abundance and not of scarcity! Abundance is a ‘way of being’.

At the dawn of this New Year, let’s set ourselves some new goals .. look out for my next blog

I wish you all an abundant and happy '20grown-up' year!


With Much Love


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December 31, 2019

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