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October 29, 2019

Whoever is careless with the truth in small matters cannot be trusted with important matters” ¬ Albert Einstein


What does trust mean? Trusting someone means that you think they are reliable; you have confidence in them and you feel safe with them physically and emotionally. Trust is something that two people in a relationship can build together when they decide to trust each other. You can’t demand or prove trust; trusting someone is a choice that you make.

Trust is a super important part of a healthy relationship, but it’s something that many people struggle with, for a lot of different reasons.

Love is built on trust. As rational individuals, we can only naturally love someone we already trust. Relationships that aren’t anchored in trust are not made to survive rocky trials

Trusting has so much more to do with who you are as a person than it does with who your partner is. When you are secure in yourself and know that you are worthy to receive love, then it is natural to trust.

Trust is Multi-Level

The trust one needs in a relationship is multi-level. At the base level, there is a trust in your partner. Of course, at this level, you could be right or you could be wrong. Your partner may deserve your trust or he or she may not. Your partner may be totally and completely untrustworthy. You have no control over that at all. If a person is unworthy of your trust, that in no way diminishes you. It is all about their character. You can’t let it shake your self-confidence.


Do we truly know at the start of a relationship that we can completely trust our partner?


Of course, we want to believe that the person we are with is 100 percent honest. Anything else seems inconceivable, doesn’t it?


At the next level is a trust in oneself. At this level, it is important to trust your own instincts in people. You may not always be right. People are very good at deception if they want to be. However, if you trust in yourself and your good judgment, when you make a mistake you won’t be devastated. You just realize that you were involved with a person who was a master of deception and you move on undaunted but perhaps a bit wiser.


Do we sometimes trust too easily and ignore the red flags?


Asking questions about his or her previous relationship history is a good way to gauge his or her beliefs and values.


If he or she is completely comfortable with telling small lies, it might make you wonder how much they differ on bigger lies. A lie is a lie, no matter how big or small.


Maybe your intuition is picking up on something your brain hasn’t yet. Your gut is trying to tell you something, whether or not you want to hear it. If this is the case, bring up your intuition to your partner and listen; take heed of his/her response.


Trust yourself and what your intuition is telling you!

You have all the resources and the answers within you!


Finally, there is trust in the universal order of things—a divine spirit, if you will. If you have total and complete trust in the Universal Spirit or your Higher Power then that trust will never be betrayed. The Universal Spirit will always provide you with what you need whenever you have a need.

Our Divine spirit is always in flow and showing us signs along the way; and if we take heed and are open to see these signs, we will certainly begin to trust that the universal order of things and our life is working in our favor. When it is time to let go of what does not serve us, then let it go!


My final note is that in my own relationships, I have learnt to trust in my Higher Power, my source, my Creator, the divine spirit within me and have never been disappointed by trusting this awesome omnipotent power.

Would you like to learn more how to trust your intuition and to open up the Apertures of your Awareness so that you can bring more inner coherence between your heart, gut and mind?

If so, then an Authentic Self-Empowerment Facilitator can work with you to support you and help you to achieve your desired outcome.



101 Great Ways to Improve Your Life 

co- authors Byron Katie ~Kim Olver



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