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Naomi has always been a people’s person, who loves to interact with people both socially as well as in her career. Her decision to leave the corporate business sector in February 2006, as a Financial Manager of a Pathology software development company after 12 years of service, was to follow her dream to start her own business. In addition to managing the company Finances and Human Resources, her role also included implementation of billing software programs and ensuring peak performance of staff.

Naomi developed her skills in facilitating training and development of staff during her 12 year association in the IT industry. It is here where she discovered her passion for coaching and mentoring teams as an enabler to efficient services.  One of her key achievements was when she facilitated patient billing system training sessions for three large provincial hospital’s staff members, as well as private pathology laboratory staff training across South Africa.

Naomi is also the chairperson of a non-profit organization that offers training and development of business and entrepreneurial skills for adults and young people of historically disadvantaged communities. The organization aims to develop people to improve their lives both professionally and personally as well as helping to up-skill the unemployed and getting them off the streets. 

Academic Qualification

  • Associate Coaching Certificate  – UCT Graduate School of Business

  • Master Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner

  • Wellness Coach Certification

  • Authentic Self-Empowerment Facilitator Certification

  • Ericksonian Healing Hypnotherapy Certification.

  • Business Administration and Finance at the University of the Western Cape


Coaching Experience

After completing her Executive Business Coaching qualification, she started working as an Associate Business Coach for Heartlinc, where she gained valuable experience in coaching Executives in the corporate environment. Naomi’s first assignment was at one of the largest Pharmaceutical companies in South Africa in Port Elizabeth. Working with executives, managers and key personnel in the likes of the Financial Services, Pharmaceutical, Construction and other industries which gave her a solid foundation in Business Coaching and Organizational Change Management. 

Amongst her clients being coached are:

  • Financial Managers in the Financial Investment Services Industry

  • IT Support & Training Managers

  • Engineering & Construction Managers

Her approach and style of work

Her ambition is also to change people in the way that they perceive their role in the business and how they can add value to their organization by changing their mindset, as well as to generate personal momentum to achieve more.

She aims to enable individuals to translate greater self-awareness and reflection into improved execution and better results. She views all coaching as performance coaching, in the sense that it is always ultimately designed to enable an individual to achieve a change in behavior, even if that is in terms of consolidating and becoming more comfortable with existing strengths.

She believes that all greater self-awareness grows out of the ability to have firstly, a quality relationship with oneself, with others and with everything else that one interacts with. This is why she uses the ‘I, WE, IT’ model in her coaching, which has a three-dimensional focus, from within, outward and with ‘things’

She also looks at ‘where we come from’, ‘where we’re at’ and ‘where we’re going’. This enables her to assist the coachee from becoming unstuck and thus developing the competency to move forward.

Leaders and high-potentials who want to enhance their current capabilities, stay abreast of the latest strategies, accomplish their goals, surmount an organizational obstacle, and/or develop their group into a team and prepare them for new challenges, are some of the objectives of her coaching style.

Life experiences

Naomi is the eldest of 6 children born and raised in Cape Town South Africa. As a single mother, she has raised her own two sons single-handedly. 

She loves the outdoors, nature and traveling. Her travels have taken her abroad where she lived in the U.K. for a while with her second husband. She has traveled to other parts of Africa, Europe and the U.S., because of her hunger to experience other cultures and her love for people, which has also served as a catalyst for a wide multicultural and diverse perspective of life.